KITTENS are not usually vaccinated for the first nine weeks of life. During this period, they usually gain immunity from their mothers first milk. If the mother cat has been vaccinated, this immunity is then passed on to her kittens.

If however, your kitten is an orphan or was unable to receive its mothers first milk for some reason , your veterianarian may recommend vaccinating your kitten sooner. After this initial nine week period, immunity begins to taper off, vaccinations and yearly boosters take over providing continued protection against these diseases. Two initial vaccinations will be given to your kitten.

The first vaccination is a lower strength version of the full vaccination that is used to “kick start” the cats immune system in preperation for the second vaccine.

Two weeks after the first vaccination, your cat will be given the second one.
This second one brings the cats’ immune system up to a level that will protect them from diseases.

It must be understood, once vaccinated this disease protection does not become active straight away. It usually takes 7 to 14 days after administering the vaccine for the immunisation to become fully effective.
In the interim, it is best to keep the vaccinated kitten away from other cats to avoid the potential risk of infection.

Revaccination is required yearly as “Booster shots”. This preserves the level of immunity and stops your cat from the infection covered by the vaccination. 

ALL cats MUST be up to date with their vaccinations for FELINE ENTERITIS and CAT FLU.
A vaccination certificate issued by your vet within the last twelve months, must be produced at the time of boarding.
Please ensure the initial course or boosters must be completed at least 10 days before boarding.


Your cat must be in good health and fit before being accepted in the cattery and I reserve the right to call in a Vet as necessary, at the owners expense.
Please ensure your cat has received a Flea and Worm treatment 7 days prior to arrival.
Un Neutered Tom cats over 6 months cannot be accepted into the cattery for hygiene reasons.